overnight recordings

Mark Davies

I would be interested to find out if ANYONE has manged to make overnight recordings over a period of time. My S2 has consistently failed to record since I bought the thing !!  

By the way i record the am band overnight in 5 different time slots 5mins long each.....well I try  usually 3 or 4 fail   display reads 0hz and goes off



Hi Mark
I have had the same issues, although l was lead to believe
ELAD had sorted this issue out a number of software updates ago?

My solution was to purchase a large hard drive, set the scheduler
While present, before bed, and let it run during the night, not
Perfect, but at least, you have your recordings.


Rock, Worcestershire


Hi Mark and Damien,

I didn't have trouble with recordings in the ELAD software when I used it. I had it set for a 4GB size, with 2 files allowed in chain and I used a 500ms soundcard buffer. You might try a longer buffer.

I mostly use HDSDR now, which has always had a rock solid scheduler, for me at least.


Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon


Mark, do you have the latest SW2 version installed? I use v1.120 and it had no problems recording all top of the hour progamming during the whole month of april of the MW band. I admit it took the Elad guy's a long time to solve problems of the recording sceduler. It is however not fool proof and will become erratic when programming it with non logical timing scedules. Be shure they are in chronological order and that the time between each start and stop time is at least 5 minutes. Also try to avoid bigger file sizes than 2048 Mb as it sometimes gets you in to trouble. ALso other programs can not read these files as this is not a standard recording format. Yes other programs like HDSDR and SDR-console can read these recordings just to name a few.

I had a lot of problems in the past with the recorder and was happy that v1.120 is a good performer now. I do however experience that a recording is still sometimes produces a corrupted file, but it is not very often.

So, be very shure you do not make programming mistakes and check them a few times to be shure they are good. In most cases this seems to be the problem as I have experienced many times as the tiny mistakes are not so obvious to see and the program does not protest that you make a wrong input, but in the morning you will be shooting yourself in the foot and curse for a few hours :-)

Good luck!

73' Ron