VS: My FDM-S2 has stopped working

Otso Ylönen

Hi Chad,


Have you tried with another PC? I had a similar issue wih a receiver, where some of the persistent settings were causing the crash even after reinstalling SW2. It may have been either the files in the Users\...\ELAD folder or in Windows registry. I never found out.


BR, Otso


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I have had my S2 for a little over 1 year. It probably only has about 50 hours of listening time on it. Today I went to use it and it will not work. The power light comes on, and the USB shows as connected within my device manager, but when I click the SW2 program icon, it crashes and a window pops up saying, "ELAD FDMSW2 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program. If I leave the FDM-S2 off and click the icon, the SW2 program works in offline mode just fine. 


I have completely uninstalled the SW2 program and reinstalled the 1-43 version with no luck. Same with the beta version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 







Chad as an addition to what Otso wrote you can try another software like SDR-console to check it it is a software or a harware related problem. Elad SW2 software can crash due to a number of reasons like bad database files etc... This does not mean your radio is broke. Have had some troubles in the past.

Best of luck!
Ron - on2ron