FDM-DUO for sale - Price drop....

Chet Roberts

The warranty is one year.
And while it does transfer to a new owner, the warranty is now expired.
The unit was purchased on August 7, 2016
I never had to use the warranty and the FDM-DUO is in Like New condition.
I think there's probably less than 20 working hours on it.....


I can't find any mention of the warranty.  Does elad offer one?  How long?  Does it transfer with a used sale?  How old is your unit?

Chet Roberts

I have the lowered the price to 875.
If you are not familiar with the switch box, it allows you to use the transmitter of a higher power rig with software like Omni-Rig.
I used it with a TS-2000 for 100 watt output, and enjoy the SDR receiver of the DUO for reception.