Minor problem with FDM-S2

Andrew Cheetham

Been using my FDM-S2 for a while and all has been good.

Just today I turned on the S2 and the blue ON LED was lit as usual. Then I loaded FDM-SW2 OK. As soon as I clicked the Power On button on SW2 the S2 ON LED went out. Other than that the S2 is behaving normally with SW2; as I change band the USB light on the S2 blinks momentarily, again as normal.

When I looked closely at the S2 ON LED it wasn't completely out but very dim and flickering a bit. It has been on for a bit and the ON LED is now completely out. But otherwise the S2 seems OK.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so should I be worried; is a complete failure of the S2 going to happen soon?


Andrew G4AFI

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