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Nils Schiffhauer

Bill - FDM-S2 is showing the decoded RDS signal on that station, you are just tuned to.

All other stations/channels/signals can be tagged by an alphanumerical text out of one of the memory files. These names are - with great flexibility and carefully aligned - superimposed with the spectrum of the whole band (either HF or IF). This visualization is unique. And for many people, this has been (another) quite convincing argument to buy an FDM-1S, as it will be in future an FDM-2S. Believe me: you can get addicted to that, as it also gives orientation in each and every niche of DXing - may this be broadcast, utility, NDBs, amateur radio with it's beacons ...

73 Nils



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Now you are just torturing us…. The screen shots look great!


The RDS on screen makes me have to ask for a feature if I may (add it to the list)… can the RDS data shown on the screen be logged into a text file? That would be incredibly nice to have for overnight monitoring especially during a Meteor shower. PI, PS and PTY would be great. Radio Text optional.




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here you find the screenshots covering whole 87.5-108 spectrum.



Franco IU3ADL

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