Re: FDM-SW2 questions

Michael Gottlieb

Thanks Charlie, what is throwing me is that, at the top of the slice display, as I understand it:

Unbolded/ubboxed TX is really RX and

TX is only TX if the TX is Bold and highlighted.

It would seem more intuitive if the letters on the top of the panadapter slices really said both rx and tx and that the freq would change in sw2 when you work split.

And in regular operation, the RX should be the default letters on the top of the panadapter and it should change to TX in addition to the red letters TX appearing in the upper right hand corner, when you transmit.

In summary, the letters TX should only show up when I am transmitting :-)

Side note, FDM-DUO is a gem. More hams should buy them. Don't give me a hard time about the QRP wattage. I have the RM Italy amp and am putting out 200 watts in the ham shack.

And the best kept secret is that it is an AMAZING qrp rig.

This is a flex with the ability to take it with you. It's what all hams wanted, a flex with knobs.

Was super excited about the Icom 7300 and good for it as a stand alone rig but no high def dvi output, no Ethernet jack, limited PC connection. FDM-DUO and SQ2 is light years beyond anything except for flex.

SW2 is outstanding software. The rig is A+++ quality. My favorite purchase as a ham ever!


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