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Otso Ylönen

I use a multi-track recorder called Reaper to record DX radio from two Elads and four Sony XDR receivers. If I want, I can do this simultaneously on the eight channels from the Elads and four fom the Sonys. Generally, however, on good DX conditions I have 2x6 MHz RF recording ongoing without real-time audio monitoring and pan the audio from my four Sonys to my headphones (100%L, 33%L, 33%R, 100%R).
For the Elads, I use Virtual Audio Cable to route the audio channels to Reaper. The sonys are connected via physical cables to USB audio devices.
BR, Otso
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Oh well we can solve that. Let's see: Let's use the GPIO pins out on a raspberry pi and mount an LED on top of each speaker, just to make sure we know which channel is transmitting! When can even put an LED display on top of each speaker that displays the operating frequency!

It could get crazy, but what fun!


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