Re: Windows 10 audio problem

Joachim Herbert

No matter which card you are using you should try to reset your audio settings to default. 

- Do a right click on the loudspeaker symbol on the right bottom of the screen
- select the entry for playback devices (the second from the top)
- select the device you are using for audio output
- select properties
- disable all extensions
- click restore default on the bottom (Standard wiederherstellen in German)
- do the same for advanced settings (farmost right tab, erweitert in German)

Maybe you have changed a setting here when you tried to fix your audio output. 

One more remark: Windows 10 runs just fine, unless you mess up or have upgraded from a flawed system. In this case a fresh install will help to fix things. Just upgrading a system that has been running for years maximizes potential problems. 

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