Re: overnight Dave


Hi Bill,

'' is the official website. The 'Hardware' tab has the extIO_dll's for supported radios. You won't do 4/8 channel monitoring or recording, but it does have some nice features and a very reliable scheduler.

I started using HDSDR back when I had an SDR-IQ and Perseus. It works with the ELAD S2 and Afedri and there has been talk of RFspace eventually adding the CloudIQ, if they can. Even the Excalibur radios are supported, although they waited until AFTER I sold my Excalibur Pro, before fixing that DLL! It is nice to have alternatives. I really tried to like SDR-Console, but I found it's scheduler very unreliable, partly because it often leaves behind broken processes that the Windows Scheduler chokes on and doesn't record. Maybe someday.


Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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