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Bill Nollman

Dave, where can I download HDSDR from?



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There are two audio buffers that seem to affect recording and playback. One is in the Audio tab and is a playback buffer. I have it set to 500 ms, or longer. Don't go too short because it can stop playback. 


The other buffer, a record buffer, I also set to 500 ms. You can go longer with that one also, if needed. It is under the Recording tab.


As far as HDSDR, it works well, has a very reliable scheduler/recorder and has some nice features. You don't even need the ELAD program installed, just the 6 or so extIO_elad DLL's put into the HDSDR working directory under C:\Program Files (x86). Then the next time HDSDR is started, you will have a menu to select the span size you want. It can use less CPU than the ELAD software, especially if you 'Shift x' to make the display smaller/simpler while recording. You can have both the ELAD and HDSDR programs installed at the same time, although you would only run one or the other.


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