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Otso Ylönen

Thanks Carl.


I know many others, if not everyone else , can run the multiple channels fine without problems under Win 10. There is something peculiar with my laptop. Under Win 7 Ibhavw no trouble with two Elad SW2 applicatios using eight RX channels, two eternal USB audiocards, a UHD display etc…


BR, Otso


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I set up two windows. On stays on the dx frequency and doesn't change. The ch2 windows is tunable over the wall of people calling the dx station and controls the ftdx3000 transmit frequency. 1st window on left channel and 2nd window on right channel. I take the audio from the computer and run it to powered speaker. I can redily hear both windows.
Computer is as follows:
Asus rog maximum viii hero motherboard
Chip is intel i7 6700 @ 4.2ghz
64 gigs ram
Nved 1200gps ssd
Windows 10 pro
Carl K0YCR


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