Re: Question / Suggestion for Record Scheduler

Bill Nollman



I agree this would be a nice to have feature – to be able to disable a schedule with a simple checkbox or button.


Until then you could do this.

1. Power off FDM-SW2 with the power button in the lower left corner.

2. Rename the C:\Users\[your-user-name]\Documents\ELAD\FDM-SW2\FDMSW2RecSched.xml file (to keep a backup copy).

3. Power on FDM-SW2. The scheduler should now be empty.


If you are feeling daring you could also edit that file as you like. Although you do need to be careful not to make any mistakes.


Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT.


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With the Es season being upon us, I wanted to create a recording schedule where the S2 records constantly if I have to be away from the radio. This would require schedules creating for each minute of the day, covering the band in 6 MHz segments, progressively, minute by minute. Ambitious I know, but once it's done, it's done.  


There is a problem. If I am DXing live, the record scheduler would just override everything and go into record mode. If I am not mistaken, there is no way to stop this from happening, or have I overlooked something?

The only way around this that I can see is to delete all the scheduler entries. There isn't a check button in the scheduler which deactivates recording. This would be so useful.


Would it be possible to add such a button in a future software update? Or is there a way of editing a file which contains the schedule? That would be easy if it was a case of copy and paste. 






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