Linear RFI


Hi all.

I've seen the recent strings discussing the RM Italy HLA-305.

I too have one, and it is a very nice linear to accompany the ELAD FDM-DUO. Truly a set and forget piece of equipment when operated in the AUTO mode. And a nice complement to a portable set-up.

But I have one issue that eludes my effort to correct the problem.

Any time I operate with the FDM-DUO at 4 watts output or greater, I get a huge amount of RFI in the shack.So much so that the modulation of outgoing digital signals is corrupted.

I've tried anti-RFI measures. I've used toroid coils everywhere in the shack, including power cables and computer cables. NO RELIEF.

I am pretty sure the matter is in the HLA-305, and when I use the FDM-DUO with my Alpha 89 linear, I actually achieve greater power out without a trace of RFI. Nothing. It is quiet as a mouse. By the way, I still am surprised that the alpha 89 works like a happy pupy with the FDM-DUO.

But I'd like to solve the FDM-DUO / HLA-305 RFI problem, as that combination is an excellent portable set-up. Lugging an Alpha 89 around, together with the emergency generator for 220m volts is not a very realistic solution.

Anyone have any ideas as a possible solution?

73 de NN3V

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