Re: Computer To Used With An ELAD

Bill Nollman

The Lenovo laptops seem to be good. My W540 is perfection (with an added 7200 RPM 1TB internal SATA drive in the DVD slot and 3 batteries for remote operations).

An older T410 is horrible. The T400 was quiet but underpowered for ELAD recording at 6MHz.



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I just checked my noise floor running my Lenovo laptop with Win 7. I was just curious, but I must be one of the lucky ones. I removed my power supply and checked the noise floor. I found no difference whatsoever.


Maybe the Lenovo power supply that runs this laptop is a good one. I did check the noise floor in the AM BCB, where noise should be at a high point.


Just my 2 cents worth. For those that have a laptop, try pulling the power cord, and make the laptop run on battery power, then see if your noise floor drops.


Have a FDM-S2, with Wellbrook Loop, on a Lenovo E550



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