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Bill Nollman

If each VRX could display RDS when using WBFM 88-108MHz I might be converted!



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Hi - a sneak preview of Simon Brown's SDR software "SDR Console"
presented me with 24 virtual radio channel with the bandwidth of an SDR
(i.e. 5 MHz with an FDM-S2).
Each channel may be individually tuned with e.g. frequency, mode,
bandwidth, AGC etc.

Please find a first example here:

This example shows how to monitor 24 broadcasting channels in parallel
(with different bandwidth and modes, e.g. ECSS-U/L or plain AM), to
record all these 24 channels in parallel and to play their content.
I tried out also three FDM-S2 with one PC, resulting in a bandwidth of
15 MHz and 72 channels. More to come.


73 Nils, DK8OK

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