Re: Need help receiving two freqs at the same time

Otso Ylönen

Please go to Setup -> Audio and tick two (or more) of the virtual receiver outputs (VRX1, VRX2). Then, select the approppriate sound cards from the related drop-boxes. If you need to route the audio to another Windows application, you probably need to install the so-called Virtual Audio Cable (a separate app), which acts as a sw-based audio card. This will be visible in the drop-down selection as well.
After this, when you activate the virtual receivers (colourful buttons labelled RX1, RX2,...), you should get audio out to the selected cards. Please note that the Vol2 sliders in the main control panel can be used to change thoutput volume individually for each of the four channels.
Hope this helps!
BR, Otso
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Betreff: [elad_sdr_en] Need help receiving two freqs at the same time


I'm trying to set up the S2 software for my fdm-s2 to receive two different freqs at the same time and port the audio to two different soundcards... one card for one freq, one card for the other freq.

I've looked at the pdf manual, but seem to be having difficulty making this happen.

Can someone give me a simple explanation of what to do to set up the software? I assume this is something the software is able to do.




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