Re: UPDARE Elad and Perseus Reception


Hi George,

I am Dave N7NZH in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are looking at the Bend/Redmond area as a possible place to relocate in a few years too, not that we don't like GP. Curious about MW reception there with several strong Bend stations and the 1KW one there on 1240 in Redmond. Does that bother your ELAD at all and how does it affect night-time reception, seemingly all with lower power? I have the ELAD S2, Afedri dual input and CloudIQ SDR radios and they are all very unhappy with my 10KW and 5KW AM stations less than 3 miles away here in GP. I was thinking that Redmond might be better than Bend because of that. Any comments? As far as antenna setup here, it is pretty good. I am in a house next to the Community College and have 600'-800' distance from powerlines. I am using a 7 1/2' square loop and an FLG100 amplifier and do pretty good at night, with the noise-floor down around S1-S2. Most of the time I use the FLG100 without the nulling resistor for a bidirectional pattern and it is quieter than a Wellbrook ALA100 based loop for some reason.

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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