VS: SW2 recording sceduler still not working

Otso Ylönen

Hello Ron,


I did play with all audio and system drivers I was able to find when I ran into this in October. I have Realtek audio in my ASUS G750jw gaming laptop. I have a dual boot setup so I can check the Win10 situation quite easily.


BR, Otso




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Thanks for the follow-up on this item. I will give the test versio a try and reprort back with the results.

Otso, you may want to check on a driver for your audio performance @ the manufacturer of the audio chips used on the main board. I had was also unlucky when Microsoft made a mess of the drivers for one of my laptops using the marvelous VIA 2021 chipset. It is the best audio product by the company but is not supported by Microsoft and VIA itself so I had to stay with W8.1/64.

73' Ron


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