VS: SW2 recording sceduler still not working

Otso Ylönen

Hi Ron,


Yes, I have 24 recordings scheduled with the Daily option for each top of the hour. I have not had any issues with direct manual recording either. (The only thing is the crash that happens 100% if I am listening to a recorded file on the same instance of SW2 which starts a scheduled recording. Nowadays I run a separate offline instance of SW2 for listening.)


BTW, I use Win7 due to really lousy audio performance with my laptop on Win10. Using more than one virtual RX per receiver causes afwul srutter.


BR, Otso


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Otso, you must be a lucky man as three of my friends suffer from the same problem so it is a 4:1 ratio. They have returned to their good old Perseus radio because of the recording problem.

I have 2 laptops and a desktop with the same problem. One laptop runs W10/64 OS and the desktop and the other laptop are running W8.1/64 OS. Internal or external HDD, makes no difference. I have not tested on the SSD drives yet, but this does not matter as it has to work on every drive. I do however make a test tomorrow on a SSD, but they are to small for big dumps of data.

Did you use the daily recording option and never had problems, strange indeed, but good for you? It is so that even if we try to make a manual recording session this is also happening as after a few seconds the button returns to grey and only 0 or 316 bytes are written and the recording stops. In the last three days I have suffered of 6 broken recordings @ random times. The radio is programmed to make 13 redordings every night on a daily base.

I give up. Nothing seems to happen and I will turm my efforts towards another sdr and software in the future. I am a MW-dx'er and the Elad software is simply not usable for this type of radio hobby. Wanted to by a DUO to sit next to the S2 for transmitting but I hold of the tought for now.

Good luck Otso,


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