Re: SW2 recording sceduler still not working

Otso Ylönen

There must be a config factor in play as I have had not problems on my hourly recordings that have been running for several months.


I have scheduled a 10 min section of 5MHz VHF FM band each hour with two S2 receivers. The recordings are stored as a single wav file of about 21GB.


I have an i7 ASUS ROG laptop and both receivers store their output to the same USB3 disk.


BR, Otso


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Aihe: [elad_sdr_en] SW2 recording sceduler still not working



To the Elad team.

As a reminder, the SW2 recording sceduler for repetative daily recording is still buggy. This item is hanging for a long time.I make daily recordings so it is a real handicap. Any chance of a final repair?

73' Ron



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