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Otso Ylönen

I have a simple batch script that can be used to switch between ready-made XML files. However, you need to restart SW2 for a change to take effect.
BR, Otso
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Besides the recorder being fixed so that it works every time (v1.113B is better but not yet perfect) I agree with others that it needs to be able to load a schedule from a text/flat/xml/config file. Loading large schedules from the GUI is prone to errors and slow. The GUI could be improved as well – instead of “repeat” and “record once” it needs to have added check boxes for the 7 days of the week with a repeat for each day of the week.





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A bug in SW2 recording scheduler?
Now when the "record every day" option is removed (please bring it back!) I have to change every instance to "record today" using the "today" button when changing date. I usually record the tropical bands 18:59 - 19:05 UTC every day. When I change the date to "today" the stop time is also changed to 19:00 so I have to also change that back to 19:05.

73 / Kjell-Göran SM4GRP




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