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Otso Ylönen



I have the scheduler on 24/7 for 10 minute periods at the top of the hour. This is with two FDM-S2 receivers run under two different user accounts on Win 7. I have not experienced any issues other than the one I reported earlier about the scheduled recording crashing SW2 if I am playing back a file when the automated recording starts.


A really good new feature would be a simple on/of switch for the scheduler. Another one would be the ability to load different scheduler files without the need to restart SW2.



I am now at 1.113beta.


BR, Otso


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Hi Mark

I haven't used the scheduler too much, but I also (like Ron) have found
that intermittently when starting the recorder it immediately fails -
when restarting the recording it will then mostly function correctly.

Am happy to see that it is a known issue that the Elad team are looking at.


On 08/01/2016 07:03, amazingalgo@... [elad_sdr_en] wrote:
> Mark, I and others have the same problem. It is not the recording
> sceduler that is the problem as if you want to make a manual recording
> it sometimes gets wrong at the start of the recording. This problem is
> occuring @ random.
> Franco and the Elad team are working to resolve this problem, but
> until today the bug is unresolved. Last night @ our radio club I was
> asked if it was cured but I had to give a negative answer. Not all
> Elad users are on the group and are not heard of but nevertheless it
> is used by a number of owners if it works. I think it is not on top of
> the bug list so we still have to be patient altough I normally use
> this function 9 months of the year it is starting to get up my nerves.
> HDSDR does the job well but cannot connect the recorded files together
> so every files has to be approached separately wich is a drag.
> 73' Ron


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