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Otso Ylönen

This is an extremely interesting topic. The capability to cut and edit IQ files would be very useful.
I have my two receivers on an hourly schedule, recording full 6MHz 24x10 minutes a day. This is to hunt meteor reflections on the FM band. Typically, a reflection lasts only a few seconds. Keeping stacks of 10 minute RF recordings is out of the question spacewise. However, it would be nice to be able to keep fractions of the most interesting ones in the RF format for future analysis.
BR, Otso 
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Thanks Franco,
can you please tell me the EXACT file structure of the baseband file? (I've got an idea....)
Many thanks

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Hi smile_k,

no, it is not possible directly at this time. One only way is to play the the file with SW2 then send 192KHZ to a virtual audio card and the record with winrad, but then SW2 software do not recognize Winrad file, we should make a modification.
73, Franco IU3ADL  
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Is there a way to cut the bandwidth of a recorderded baseband wave? Any utility out there?
Let me explain...
I record from 7Mhz to 8Mhz (so 1mhz of bandwidth) in baseband mode for 10 minutes...the wav is ok...
Now i need to have only a wave of 10 minutes of the band from 7.100Mhz to 7.200Mhz.
Is there a way to extract only that 0.1mhz in baseband file from the original wave file?

Many thanks!







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