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Hi Otso,
I have five screens to handle. You can guess what that can mean, when every time the window pops up somewhere else.

With my soft I have managed it like this: Every window knows on what screen it is and
where. If I loose my windows (they may be ouside the visible area), I press "W" for 'Windows' while starting my Programs and all windows are cascaded on the main/starting windows. I too, keep the coordinates of each window inside an "*.ini-file", so I can correct things manually. And - as a benefit - my windows have "magnets", that means that they stick together when they come very close to each other.

With a software so great there should be at least a bit of it. A really great tool always needs a great handling... at least that is what I think about it.
Of course the crew is busy with a lot of other stuff, so we will have to wait. But I was just wanting to know 'if' and app. 'when' this will come into focus.

73 Wolfgang

Am 29.11.2015 um 12:05 schrieb Otso Ylönen otso.ylonen@... [elad_sdr_en]:

Hi Wolfgang,

This is a great proposal. It takes quite a bit of effort to arrange the windows each time you start the software.


For me, the most needed sib-windows are the RDS and IF windows. I have currently three monitors and two FDM-S2 receivers. I want to have all of the 2x4 virtual receivers active with these sub-windows nicely placed on certain places. Some of the RDS windows tend to go hide outside of the visible screen area…


I think all the sub-windows (and even the settings window) should have their coordinates relative to the SW2 main window. Only the main window position would need to be stored with fixed coordinates.


BR, Otso


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Hello all!

Having the ELAD FDM DUO for 3 weeks I have learned that is is better in
all ways than my FT-857D and IC-720. Glad to have a radio where
receiving is "just point 'n' do".
And I am still a beginner to this radio. Best Buy for me!

Of course there are things that could improove. For me it is a bad thing
that almost all sub-windows can not remeber their position. I have more
than one monitor connected and it is no fun to hunt over the screens to
where the window has popped up.
Those are "Setup", "FDM-DUO Stand Alone Control", "DX-ClusterInterface",
"Station List", "Contacts" a.s.o.

Is there a plan to make all windows remember their positions?

73 Wolfgang, dl7nb




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