Simultaneous playback and recording causes SW2 to crash

Otso Ylönen

I have created a recording schedule to catch each top-of-the-hour on my FM dial. This means that it happens rather often that I am checking previous recordings when a new one commences. This seems to lead to a conflict in SW2. You will get a loud constant beep into your ears and if you do not press the stop button, SW2 will die. At least most of the time, stopping the newly started recording will get you by this event. The SW2 crash seems to often lead to corruption of some of the settings in the user directory.
A graceful solution to the problem would be similar to what many programmable TV set-top boxes have implemented: if you are listening to a file when a recording is due, you will be warned, e.g. 1 minute before. You would be given the choice of either stopping the playback or cancelling the scheduled recording.
I hope this can be fixed soon!
BR, Otso

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