VS: FDM-S2 VRX2 shuts down SW2

Otso Ylönen


Have you tried deleting or renaming the ELAD directory in your Documents folder? Most of the settings are the within XML files. There may be additionally some in the Windows registry that survive an uninstallation.


BR, Otso




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Aihe: [elad_sdr_en] FDM-S2 VRX2 shuts down SW2




Something strange is occurring with my SW2 software.


It loads properly, and I can use VRX1, VRX3, and VRX4 as I've always been able to do.


However when I click on VRX2 I get an immediate pop up saying that the software has stopped working and the program exits.


I have uninstalled Beta 1.07 and reinstalled it, same problem

I then uninstalled Beta 1.07 and installed Beta 1.05, same problem.


It seems though that there must be some files that are NOT uninstalling, because whenever I uninstall and then reinstall my settings are still there in the reinstalled version.


Can someone please assist with this. Thanks in advance,






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