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Otso Ylönen

I have no experience on FDM-S1, but I have installed successfully the FDM-S2 driver on two Windows 10 machines. However, I had a strange problem with a particular S2 receiver on a certain laptop: when selecting it from the initial startup menu, the SW2 always crashed without an error code. Two other receivers I have tried with this PC act normally. I did not see any issues in the Device Manager or Windows Registry, and uninstallation of the software and driver did not help. The same device works fine with another Win10 PC.
Another Windows 10 related finding:
On my Asus G70JW, a rather powerful i7 based laptop, the SW2 takes way too much resources. Monitoring two or more virtual receivers concurrently causes audio to stutter badly. I have updated all drivers and tried different soundcards, graphics drivers etc. with no impact to the problem. With Windows 7 on the same machine, I can monitor eight simultanous frequencies and record 2x full 6MHz bands to an external hard disk with two receivers connected.
BR, Otso
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Windows 10 Pro 64, will not let me install the driver ELAD FDM S1.
Any solution?
Thank you.


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