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Richard Langley

Tend to agree with Leif. Easy to skip over specific messages in my e-mail in-box for which I have less interest.
-- Richard Langley

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From: <> on behalf of Leif Asbrink [elad_sdr_en] <>
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2015 3:12 PM
Subject: [elad_sdr_en] Re: Ditch the Yahoo Groups

You seem to think everybody has a narrow interest in a particular
hardware or software or combination thereof. I subscribe to
this list and a about dozen of others. I am interested in general
problems related to SDR, not a particular hardware or software.

To me the current mailing list is perfect. Most postings are of
no interest to me, I do not have to read much to judge. Those
that are of interest would not fit into any particular cathegory
like for example "FDM DUO" or "SW2".

I save things of interest with my E-mail client (sylpheed) in a
very convenient way. Each mail is a plain text file. I can search
all of it with the sylpheed tools or with general software to
search directories containing text files. I want all the info
from all the mailing lists off-line in my own computer:-)



" [elad_sdr_en]" <> wrote:

Yes, That is correct... But why read them to to only find it's of no interest..
Just subscribe to for example "FDM DUO" or "SW2" then you get only what you want...

Posted by: Leif Asbrink <>


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