Re: Cropping an FDM-S2 wav file

Richard Langley

​Aren't we confusing two types of file here? The Elad RF wav files have a different structure than Elad AF wav files. I believe the AF files are standard audio wav files, which can be played and edited by most audio file applications. The original question was about editing Elad RF wav files, correct?

-- Richard Langley

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You beat me to it Henry. The wav files created by the SW2 software are not traditional audio files. But if you've found a way to do this in Audacity Dan then please share. Stranger things have been known to happen.



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I see a reason because the Elad soft cannot play files cropped with Audacity.

Neither RF nor AF.
What export format do you choose in Audacity?
How did you manage that Audacity maintains L.O. frequency, demodulation frequency, demodulation mode, filter bandwidth a. s. o.?
73, Henry

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Audacity is my first choice when it comes to manipulating audio files.

I cannot see a reason why it could not crop an SW2 wav.


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