Re: CAT protocol problem with fdm-sw2

Richard Langley

When I wrote a Python script to automatically log the S-meter values on a particular frequency at specified time intervals, I found that I had to first send a command to set the LO frequency and then a second command to set the tune frequency. I also had to be careful about the decimal frequency conversion to a string of hex byte values (to which the CAT command was appended) and then into a byte string​ and then into a byte array, which was sent out the virtual serial port. Might be an easier way to do it but that approach worked for me.

-- Richard Langley

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Yes, i've read it.... But i always get weird freqs.
For me, the problem is ONLY on that command....
It's frustrating ��
Gotta try tomorrow... It's 12hrs that i'm stuck on this

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Do you read the FDM-SW2 user manual Annex A?  maybe it is not clear enough? there is also an example.

73, Franco IU3ADL

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Thanks for the info, but please..... Can you tell me those 4 bytes? 
I'm stuck with only this command.....

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the FDM-SW2 use the CAT protocol of YAESU FT-897, that do not allow resolution down to 1Hz for frequency above 100MHZ.

For more accurate frequency setting I suggest to prepare for the TCP/IP server. Maybe tomorrow we will release new FDM-SW2 release with some corrections.

73, Franco IU3ADL

On 26/ago/2015, at 18:49, smile_k@... [elad_sdr_en] <elad_sdr_en@...> wrote:

Hi there!
I'm writting a little utility to control the fdm-sw2 via cat protocol, but i'm stuck with the command 0x01 (Set LO Frequency).

Can you explain with an example how the 4 bytes must be encoded?

For example, a frequency of 153.123678 Mhz correspond to 4 bytes...can tell me those 4 bytes?!?!
I get strange frequency with my i must know at least one "4 bytes" sequence.

Many thanks!

The other commands are fine.

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