Re: SW2, V1.96: D-RES

Franco Milan


from this release there will be active a TCP server for receiving CAT commands on SW2.
This will help some requests that needs to remote set and get data from external applications instead of using CAT with virtual serial port.
New Server will receive a similar command set of the FDM-DUO (Kenwood) CAT protocol but based on TCP messages.
On release 1.96 there are only few commands available like FA00010000000; that set the frequency of center frequency to 10MHz.
If somebody wants to try,  can use a Hercules TCP client  ( and try to send the command FA…
As soon as some commands will be ready we will document.


Franco IU3ADL

On 17/giu/2015, at 09:53, dl2vl@... [elad_sdr_en] <elad_sdr_en@...> wrote:

Hello Franco,

would you please explain, how is the new TCP Server to set up. Is this in exchange for the usb web server?

Joerg, DL2VL

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