Re: Scheduler (Again)

Richard Langley

As I've mentioned before:
1) Display the correct stations from the SWSkeds file on the signal display when playing back an RF file. Use UTC from the file and not from the real-time computer time.
2) It would be nice to be able to record date, time, mode, and signal strength of a signal into a text file with a choice of specified update interval (0.1 second, 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute, for example).
-- Richard Langley

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 111, at 11:27 AM, [elad_sdr_en] wrote:

I believe there is a code bug in some versions of the Scheduling software. The new V1.75 Beta seems OK, but even stable version 1.43 seems to have a problem with the scheduler.

It would be nice if the S2 software would get some refinements, instead of Duo related fixes....

- Simplify and fix the Scheduler.
- Change the file size to 4096 for recordings.
- Simplify and correct the Calibration procedure, perhaps similar to how the Afedri and HDSDR work,
rather than having a graphics based process.
- Make all the relevant modes have a working on screen 'U' and 'L' selector rather than using the list,
including SSB and CW.
- Make a 'non-Web-browser' based server for the S2.

Anyone have anything else for the S2 that would be good to fix or enhance?

Dave Aichelman N7NZH Dewey, AZ

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