Re: FDM-S2 Firmware version

John Freeman

I have read all I can find about the calibration procedure, but it is not working for me.  I did exactly what Franco suggests in this thread.  I am using 20000000Hz WWV.  The carrier peak is shown at 20000089.  When I right click Freq Calibrate, that signal peak jumps to 20000136.  I set the marker to the peak, click Set Offset and the popup reports that an offset of -136Hz has been stored to device, as expected.  I exit, and the carrier peak jumps back to 20000089!  Radio is tuned to 20000000, and LO is set to 20000000 all this time.  I am running 1.75 code.  Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong, or suggest any action?  I have tried tuning to a lower frequency such as 19999950 and the calibration procedure reports a larger offset is stored, but there is no change to my display, peak is still at 20000089 when I am done.


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