Re: EIBI Database into FDM-SW


The EIBI problem came up when EIBI introduced the line
9805;1230-1300;-4Apr;ALG;Radio Amazigh;KB;NAf;/IW;6;3103;0404
some time ago. The SW1 does not like the "-4Apr" as a day of week.
The SW2 soft (B eta 1.75) does not care. It loads without problems.
Remove the expression "-4Apr" or replace it by something like "1234567"
9805;1230-1300;1234567;ALG;Radio Amazigh;KB;NAf;/IW;6;3103;0404
and the list will load.

The SWSKEDS problem has the same cause. Dan replaced "-4Apr" with "to Apr 4" which also made the SW2 stumble. Now in his latest csv SWSKEDS has changed this to "-Apr 4" and the list loads again. The SW2 soft (and even more the SW1) is very peculiar about false weekday spellings (e. g. weekdays having more than 7 characters).


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