Automatic Logging of Signal Strength or Signal-to-Noise

Richard Langley

I think this topic was discussed before but I can't seem to find the message in the group archives. It would be nice if the SW2 software could automatically and continuously log the time, frequency, and signal strength or signal-to-noise value at a specified time interval (1 second, 10 seconds, etc.) for each of the active virtual receivers. This feature would be useful for signal propagation studies, reception reports, and so on.

Currently, I create my own external log through a Python script which sends CAT commands to the software to set the centre (LO) and tune frequencies and get the signal strength value. I can then plot the results. The attached plot of the signal strength during a VOA Radiogram program shows an example. It would also be nice to get an aditional decimal digit in the retrieved S-values but I guess that would take a new CAT command.

-- Richard Langley

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