VS: [EladSDR] SW-2 Main Window Won't Open When S2 is Connected

Otso Ylönen

If you can see a thumbnail of the main window by placing your mouse pointer on the SW2 Taskbar icon, it is likly a case of window hiding beyond the confines of your display. In this case, you can get it on the screen by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R.




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Lähettäjä: Bill Alpert
Lähetetty: lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2022 5.58
Vastaanottaja: EladSDR@groups.io
Aihe: [EladSDR] SW-2 Main Window Won't Open When S2 is Connected


For lack of a good computer, I haven't used my S2 in quite a long while but recently I assembled an i5 Intel NUC and installed Windows 10. 
There were a few problems getting SW2 installed, but I finally got it done. However I'm only able to open the software in offline mode and only when the radio is off. The Go button is of course greyed out.
Furthermore, if the radio is connected via USB and switched on, the app opens only in the taskbar but the main software window won't seem to open.
The Elad driver is present in device manager, and I'm pretty sure that the computer/SW2 software is seeing my radio. Tried 2 different USB cables.

Even more weird, I have a known good installation of SW2 on a Dell laptop, so I connected the radio to the laptop and I've got the very same problem as described above. Now I'm starting to think that maybe something has gone wrong with my radio. Any ideas appreciated!

Bill / KG6NRV


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