Re: W2EBY amp with ELAD FDM DUO #eladduo

Klaus Brosche, DK3QN

Hi Jith,

You are welcome.

I would like to recommend reading through all the DUO documentation
beforehand in order to have a complete picture about the functionality
and some "specialties" (e.g. FW update process) of the DUO plus the
SW-2 Software.

There was a product review of the DUO in QST May 2016 which is also
worth reading.
In case you have no access to that, let me know (mycall at

I have my DUO now for about 6 years and it has performed flawlessly
so far. I am still very pleased with the unit.

73 and take care.

Klaus, DK3QN

Am 24.05.22 um 05:33 schrieb Ranjith Unnikrishnan:

Thanks Klaus

I was thinking of getting one for in shack use.

I will get one and revert back with issues if any.



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