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Otso Ylönen



What could be a setting that impacted the Bypass function?  I have the widest (6 MHz) bandwidth on, but not the full bw visible. Only RX1 in use. No attenuator, no NB.


Playing around with settings, I could not make any difference to this. The preselector bypass is always switched off with both of my FDM-2’s when I go to settings and press Apply.


With 3.47 this does not happen, and the reason is obviously that the implementation of preselector bypass was different. Would it be possible that a configuration file entry had been carried over from an older version and is now getting this mixed?


I use the bypass on the OIRT band, for which I have a separate bandpass filter in the antenna path. I can easily see when preselector bypass is on and off by looking at the waterfall.



About saving the bypass in a Profile:

  • I think it makes sense not to keep the setting on at startup unless you invoke it via a saved Profile.
  • I doubt that users that actively use Profiles would get confused over having this saved – quite the contrary.  Basically everything should be saved in Profiles.
  • In any case, you could perhaps highlight the text like it was done earlier:


BR, Otso


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I cannot reproduce this situation, maybe some other settings involved ?

The Presel. Byp. option started out as a test feature and is therefore not saved, also to avoid incomprehensible situations for those who have less experience with this type of software.



Il 17/05/2022 13:34, Otso Ylönen ha scritto:



There seems to be a bug related to the SW2 ”Presel.Byp.” tickbox, in version 3.55:

  1. If you have the box ticked, open the settings dialogue and press Apply within, the bypass is not in use (although the tick remains inn the box).
  2. To get bypass working again, you need to deselect and select the box.

This is at least with FDM-S2.



A feature request:


Please save the bypass selection in the Profile. Alternatively, it could be defined in the Preselectors page of Settings, similarly as you can define filters for FDM-S3. This would give more flexibility. At minimum, when choosing a certain Profile, bypass should be either on or off.


BR, Otso


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