Re: PN of the FDM-S3 TCXO and OCXO.

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Is this the same crystal used in the FDM-DUO transceiver?

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I'm not an expert on this matter so I will give you the information I have.

TCXO version has a SMD TAITIEN TT Crystal Oscillator with these Phase Noise parameters:
    - 100Hz : typ. -130 dBc/Hz,
    - 1kHz : typ. -145 dBc/Hz,
    - 10kHz : typ. -154 dBc/Hz.

OCXO version has a PTH TAITIEN NI Crystal Oscillator with these Phase Noise parameters:
    - 1Hz : typ. -95 dBc/Hz,
    - 10Hz : typ. -125 dBc/Hz,
    - 100Hz : typ. -140 dBc/Hz,
    - 1kHz : typ. -148 dBc/Hz,
    - 10kHz : typ. -152 dBc/Hz.

A fact to know is that for the choice of the S3 oscillator the important was to have in that order, a good accuracy, a good precision and then correct reception performances.

The internal 10MHz goes out of the S3 with a minimal conditioning circuit so its characteristics are not impacted. It is different regarding the receiver performance because there is an Si5338 which generates the internal needed clocks.



Il 26/04/2022 11:33, Vianney Colombat ha scritto:

Hello, I will try.


Il 21/04/2022 11:41, Conrad, PA5Y ha scritto:

Sorry I should have changed the title.


Hello Vianney, I have asked Elad twice about the PN performance of the TCXO and OCXO of the FDM- S3 without a response. Can you please help with this?


Many thanks


Conrad Farlow


Vianney Colombat
ELAD Italy

Vianney Colombat
ELAD Italy

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