Re: Virtual receivers in FDM-S3

Conrad, PA5Y

Ah further reading suggests that the answer is yes.


From the SW2 manual, ‘In this way, the user can analyze more than one signal together’


Sorry for the BW.




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Sent: 29 April 2022 00:47
Subject: [EladSDR] Virtual receivers in FDM-S3


Is it possible to set up 3 virtual receivers in FDM-SW2 that allow simultaneous monitoring of 3 different frequencies via VAC.? For instance, I might want to monitor 50.313 FT8, 50.318 FT4 and 50.323 FT8 all with their own individual decoder.


Is this possible?


My FDM-S3 arrives here next week 😊




Conrad PA5Y

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