VS: [EladSDR] Best firmware for the FDM-S2?

Otso Ylönen


There has not been any firmware updates, i.e. software that would be installed into the FDM-S2 itself.


All the latest SW2 software versions (for your Windows PC) are as good for S2 as they are for S3. Personally, I use the latest test version (3.55 at the moment) with both receiver models.


BR, Otso


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Aihe: [EladSDR] Best firmware for the FDM-S2?


I have a pair of S2 receivers and notice that most of the firmware upgrades for the past year or two at least, are related to features and fixes for the Duo and S3. My question is: what is the most stable and feature specific firmware version for the FDM-S2? I don't see that I need much of the newer firmware and am sure there are good opinions out there, specific to the S2 radio.

Also, any further news on an upgrade to DRM? A reasonable paid upgrade would be OK!

Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon


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