Flrig. fdm duo and dev documentation

Luis Miguel CastaƱeda

This might be slightly OT, but after using Flrig with my DUO, as
well with other rigs I looked up to the source code to try to fix
some stuff which doesn't work in its panel (like Noise reduction
and noise blanking, which I do sending cat commands).

The trouble is that I'm not able to find any developer
documentation or developer list on Flrig to start tinkering the
interface and how it works. Nor a support group apart general
support. Dev docs in the wiki are just generic tools tutorials.

Anyone can point me to where to start to understand it (apart of
running all the code step by step and a lot of guessing?

PS: I'm not after reinventing the wheel. flrig is pretty good as
it is with my other rigs, I just want to know how to modify its
interface and its behavior for the fdm-duo class.

No one wants advice, only corroboration.
--- John Steinbeck

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