Findings on SW2 3.55

Otso Ylönen

I moved to SW2 3.55 last week and I have been happy with the new features introduced. Especially, I like the possibility to now use the Station Memories window while playing back my recordings. As most of the stations I have saved to memory locations are MW stations operating on "their own" offset frequencies, it is now easy to jump directly to these frequencies. As an example, I could mention the Peruvian Radio Santa Rosa on ~1499.746 and Colombian La Voz de la Raza on ~1200.173.
Another new thing, that I can now experiment with is the ability to use the Equalizer when listening to my recordings!
A bug in recording when disk full
I did quite a few MW recordings during four days/nights over the last weekend. I used my S3 and two S2 receivers to record the MW band with three different antennas. The PC I used was a Lenovo P50 with a decent i7 processor, 32 GB RAM and an internal 4TB Samsung EVO-860 SSD in addition to its hard drive. All recording sessions but one succeeded as they have with earlier versios of SW2.
The recording session that failed, went to the ELAD/FDM-SW2/Recordings directory on C drive (the HD) for some unknown reason. I did not notice this when I pressed the REC button on each of the three instances of SW2. The HD did not have sufficient space. As I have intentionally removed the Low Disk Warning, the recording started normally. However, when the HD got full, it still "continued recording" without giving me any hint that the space is full. I ended up with one complete, one partial and two empty (1kB) IQ files for each of the three receivers. See attached image.
While I think the root cause of this failure, i.e. not recording on my specified location (drive E:), may be caused either by SW2, Windows or my laptop, I would have expected SW2 to clearly to indicate when the HD became full. My understadning is that a tick on the low disk warning tickbox on the Recording Settings only means that there is no warning when starting the recording session. Am I right on this? I have disabled the warning in order to make the start of recording as quick as possible.
BR, Otso

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