Re: Elad FDM-S3 suddenly has started freezing..... (stuttering fix)

Bill Nollman

While we are sharing tips for best performance when using the S3 I thought I would share my recent discovery in the hopes that it will save someone else a lot of frustration. I use my S3 with a Lenovo W540 laptop (8 year old i7 workhorse with swappable batteries and swappable internal SSD caddy), most often in a very warm vehicle or on a mountaintop in the sun. Often I found that after recording at 24MHz for over an hour the live audio would stutter and recording would become impossible. I tried adjusting Windows Power settings and cooling the laptop without any improvement. This week I opened the laptop, cleaned out dust and applied new thermal paste to the CPU and graphics chips. To my surprise the laptop ran about 10’C cooler but again, after about 2 hours the skipping returned. It was obvious to see what was happening. Task Manager under normal conditions would show the i7-4800MQ CPU@2.7GHz running at 3.38GHz (overclocking???) but when the stuttering started Task Manager reported that the CPU had dropped to 700MHz! What I finally discovered was that the gaming industry has been dealing with this problem for years. Intel SpeedStep seems to be causing the problem. In the laptop BIOS (picture below) I disabled Speed Step and now Task Manager reports a steady 2.69GHz. I’ll give the laptop a field test next week but so far it has worked flawlessly at home.


Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT





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S3 needs an exclusive USB3 port for continuous operation, no other power consumers connected. For problems with unattended automatic start remote I recommend this:










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