Re: FDM-SW2 Delay in executing commands

Bill Nollman


Check here...
SETtings / Audio Tab / Look at the lower right corner "Soundcard Play Buffer
Size (ms)" = 300ms.
I believe that being set to a higher value could have the effect you
mention. The default is 300ms.

Also, are you using Bluetooth headphones or speaker? Those can sometimes
cause a slight delay, no fault of the S3.

Are you using any Virtual Audio cable software? While I've never heard a 2
second delay I've had plenty of odd effects (echo is my biggest issue) which
I'm convinced are either Windows 10 or VAC issues. Luckily those are usually
fixed by closing and re-opening SW2 or rebooting the PC. I've even had
distorted audio that only went away when the Sound control panel icon was
open on the Desktop. Windows, so much fun!

Bill Nollman
Farmington, CT

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Hallo all,

When I operate the FDM-SW2 software + the FDM-S3 receiver I observe a
remarkable delay in executing commands.

For example:
When I listen to a ham radio station in LSB on the 80m band and change the
frequency to listen to another station in LSB on the 80m band I can count to
appr. 2 until I hear the new station. That is about 2 seconds.
Of course I do not have exact mesurements but my feeling for time tells me
it is so long.

And I have the feeling that with the new FDM-SW 3.53 software version this
delay has become a bit longer than before.

Is there a setting within the FDM-SW2 software that I have overlooked?
Have others made the same experience?
My Win10 desktop PC is a kind of Porsche type.

Thank you for your ideas and 73.

Hans, DL4YBP

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