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Porche 356 1948. :-)

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Subject: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Delay in executing commands

Hallo all,

When I operate the FDM-SW2 software + the FDM-S3 receiver I
observe a remarkable delay in executing commands.

For example:
When I listen to a ham radio station in LSB on the 80m band and change
the frequency to listen to another station in LSB on the 80m band I can
count to appr. 2 until I hear the new station. That is about 2 seconds.
Of course I do not have exact mesurements but my feeling for time tells
me it is so long.

And I have the feeling that with the new FDM-SW 3.53 software version this
delay has become a bit longer than before.

Is there a setting within the FDM-SW2 software that I have overlooked?
Have others made the same experience?
My Win10 desktop PC is a kind of Porsche type.

Thank you for your ideas and 73.

Hans, DL4YBP

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