VS: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Update

Otso Ylönen

Yes, same here with the BW entry. I suppose there is really just one reson for these two findings: all number input is currently sent to the main frequency field.


As I use the TM-2 when playing back files, I seldom need to enter anything to the BW field.




I would like to know if the memory window works for anyone else. I.e. can you jump to the frequencies saved into Station Memories when playing back files?


BR, Otso


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Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Update


Sorry to report another (possible) v3.53 bug.

  • I can no longer double click on the number in the Filter BW box and directly enter a bandwidth (for example 192000). Entering any number only changes the main frequency.
  • The good thing is Z and X will step through the entries on the Demod Settings Tab / BW Presets (which I previously didn’t know about and works very nice!).


Is anyone else having the same problem? I was using v3.50 before this update with no problem.


Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT


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Subject: VS: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Update


Hi Vianney,


I have done some testing already:

  • I really like the possibility to use keyboard commands during playback, i.e. even if I use the mouse to jump within the time scale.
  • The Ctrl-F & B are a nice addition, but as I like to use quite a long file size (over 30 min), 10% is often too much as a standard step. A possibility to set the percentage (in settings) would be a great thing.
  • I have missed a way to quickly jump between frequencies during live sessions. Therefore, I believe I learn to like to Ctrl-Z/Y shortcuts.
  • I was not able to figure out how to use the Station Memories window during file playback. I tried clicking with the mouse as well as several key presses on the rows. The only thing that changes is the mode, if defined with the memory entry. (This is how it has been earlier, too.)
  • It seems that I cannot enter notch frequencies or related bandwidths by typing them into the respective fields anymore. Otherwise, I suppose that their usage with the new shorcut Q might be bit quicker now. I hope this bug will be quickly mended as I use both of the filters almost all the time when listening to MW files (to block adjacent channel QRM). I would actually like to have a couple of additional  filters!
  • The equalizer har really never worked for me: It is disabled when I open the AF Window and the ”ON-button” is greyed out.
  • Jump to start/end may turn out useful, but Ctrl-Shift-F does not take you to the next file. It takes you near the end of the current file and in my case with long files, you have to wait a wile before playback takes you to the next file. I would really appreciate proper jumping between the file sequence. Back and forth!


Thank you for your continued work on this great piece of software!

BR, Otso



I  have lot of memory entries, mostly MW offsets as well as ”watchlist for AM and FM:


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Lähettäjä: Vianney Colombat
Lähetetty: perjantai 21. tammikuuta 2022 13.53
Vastaanottaja: EladSDR@groups.io
Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] FDM-SW2 Update



the version 3.53 of the SW2 software is available in the Under test folder along with some release notes.

The most important changes are:
    - possibility to change the background of the spectrum and to save on file all the colors that can be set by the software,
    - added the possibility to choose whether to display 9 or 12 digits for the Advanced Tuning window,
    - improved keyboard shortcuts management (with addition of new shortcuts),
    - added the possibility to use the memories even when playing a file,

    - improved software stability for the S3.



Vianney Colombat
ELAD Italy

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