Re: Only 10% PWR SSB output with SW2 and SDR-console #fdm-duo

Tony EI8JK

Hi Ron.
Just a note for your final question, the Windows audio input slider is still there.  Open sound settings from bottom bar and then Device Properties on the Input Sound
I get the same problem with WSJT, the audio needs to be full scale in Windows just to get the WSJT on screen green audio thermometer display off the bottom.
Tony, EI8JK

On 01/10/2021 10:58, Ron Liekens wrote:
Hi all,

I was trying to get the DUO working with the SW2 and the SDR-console v3.1 software. Sadly, I can only get about 10% PWR output on the SSB modes. I use Windows 10-64 bit OS with all present updates. I also have done all the FW updates on the FDM-DUO.

I can use WSJT-X perfectly, and the radio works fine as stand-alone with the original microphone attached. I have a Marantz MPM-100 microphone and use a Steinberg UR12 audio interface when using SW2 or SDR-console software.

I reverted the DUO to its default state and checked all the menu settings to see if there is some odd setting, but did not find anything wrong.

I just seem not to find the audio input slider in Win10 as in previous releases. Maybe there can be something not right there, but if it is so, I cannot change it. I also checked the ELAD device settings in Win10, but I can not detect any level settings.

All suggestions are welcome.

73' Ron

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