Re: FDM-DUO - 1 or 2 antenna connectors

GLENN NUTSEY <glennnutsey@...>


I use a Wellbrook Loop exactly for this purpose with my Duo. I can then switch between the two antennas via the SW. 


On 25 Jun 2021, at 08:25, Tony EI8JK <ei8jk@...> wrote:

 The receive antenna works the same as all other tranceivers with an RX antenna socket. The RX socket is as you would expect, that is it is not connected when you TX and never gets any transmitted RF output. So you can safely connect an amplified receive antenna  without any worries.
Tony, EI8JK.

On 25/06/2021 04:38, Pierre FK8IH wrote:
Things are clear in my mind when in Menu 33 Antennas 1 antenna is chosen : the antenna is fed by the transmitter or it feeds the receiver.
But when 2 antennas are chosen, for exemple a wide band antenna for the receiver and a finely tuned antenna for the transmitter, what happens? Are both antennas connected in the same time to the transmitter and the receiver? Does the receiver is still working when the transmitter is tranmitting or some part of the circuit has cut its electrical supply to mut it?
73 - Pierre - FK8IH

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