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Vianney Colombat


with you will have :
    - first channel at 192kHz on the SW2 and stand alone demodulation on the DUO,
    - second channel at 192KHz on the SW2 only.
-> Mixed operations.

with you will have :
    - first channel at 384kHz on the SW2 only,
    - second channel at 384KHz on the SW2 only.
-> Full remote operations. The stand alone demodulation of the DUO supports only 192kHz span.

NB : menu 10 FILTER BYPASS of the DUO could be important when using two channels, it allows to bypass the internal preselection filters of the DUO which state depends on the DUO tuning frequency (LO of the SW2 first channel).


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ive a few questions regarding this, as i have tried and tried to the best of my knowledge, but this is above me at the moment.

i am on the advanced config tab, i see 2 choices for 2 channel, 

1. stand alone and 192,,mixed ops, use rig and software available on channel 2
2 remote and 300 odd, bigger view and software for 1 and 2

my understanding of this is, if i choose option  1. 

  i will have channel one operation on the rig Only, which meand all settings on the Duo rig are applicable, and no settings on the sw2 channel 1 software will be applicable ,,,,and channel 2 remote through sw2 software so mixed operations,,,,is this correct?

if i choose option 2

i will have full remote on channel 1 and 2 with a bigger rx bandwidth to view, and cannot work wsjtx on channel 2 while working ssb cw on channel 1,,,,as all will be using virtual serial and virtual audio.

can i work wsjtx on  channel 1,  while using ssb or cw on  channel 2, or will the tx from either disable the other channel temporarily, i think i can only work 1 tx at a time!,,but multiple receive

please remember although i have owned my duos for a good while i am very limited in sdr and pc applications,,,,,but i do want to learn,,,indefinately

can anyone help

if my thinking of the stand alone and remote are wrong,,,can u elighten me please as to what this means


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